Show Size

Our 1 Stripper show: Great show for smaller crowds. Usually entertains up to 6 people. Lap dances, toy, shower, and privates are available with this show.

Our 2 Strippers show: Great show for entertaining average size crowds. Usually entertains up to 15 people. Everything in the 1 girl show plus a girl on girl show is available in this show.

Our 3 Strippers show: Great for larger parties. Usually entertains up to 30 people. All stripper games are available with this show.

Our 4 Strippers show: Excellent for office parties and very large functions. Usually entertains up to 50 people. Evertything is available with this show.

Bonus: Be the first to indentify the 10 hot women on the right and get a FREE show. Email us your submissions.

Optional Performances

Girl on Girl: This option is available with a 2 or more girl show. This is a male fantasy performance live.

Girl on Girl with Toys: A more intense performance. It is a safe sex demonstration using adult novelty toys with a twist. Guys are not allowed to join in on this performance.

Private Shows: A private show is just that. It is a dance between our female entertainer and 1 person from the party. It is a more comfortable setting for those that dont like being watched by others.

Shower Show: This is a chance to watch your favorite dancer bathe in the shower. You are permitted to join as long as she says so, however you must wear briefs or boxers during this show.

Massage: Self explanatory. There is a twist however, she will be nude while giving you a massage.

All of the dancers perform various games to entertain the crowd. Touching is permitted as long as you dont touch her below the waist. Anyone who violates this rule will be asked to leave or the dancers will be told to get dressed.

Anal Ring Toss Game